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Window Cleaning

We offer both Interior & Exterior window cleaning and we do the extras for free! like; the screens, frames, tracks and remove any paint etc.

If you notice a spot we missed, don't be shy, let us know, so we can fix the problem. We strive for perfection, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, just give us a call so we can make it right.

Post Construction

One of the problems that contractors and spec home builders run into is that once their project is complete, who do they turn to to ensure that their newly finished masterpiece is cleaned properly?

At Clean Windows we are aware of the kinds of materials and debris that we'll run into while cleaning a newly finished home. We pay attention to all of the details ensuring that no damage is done to the windows and skylights on the new home once construction is complete.

Pressure Washing

We have worked for many of the local real estate agents for years detailing out the homes that are going up for sale. You can rely on us to perform the many variables involved to do pressure washing correctly without damage. Be it walkways, driveways, house siding, gutter facings, outside furniture, etc. We will do it well and at minimal cost.

We always finish with a thorough cleanup of the property, and always results are guaranteed.